Frieda River Early Access Track

Frieda River Early Access Track

Frieda River Project is located in the provinces of Sandaun and East Sepik in Papua New Guinea and is one of the biggest copper and gold deposits found in the Asia-Pacific region.

Development of the mine will include construction of a crushing and process plant, a 160MW hydro-electric dam and power station, maritime ports, 120km of new access roads, large mining infrastructure and an airport. The Frieda River project is one of the most isolated and remotely located mines in the region and features rugged terrain, which makes it one of the most technically challenging mine sites in the world. HBS has supported PanAust’s construction of the 30km Early Access Track by supplying a fully maintained and supervised plant fleet along with a portable pioneering camp and workshop facility. Logistically the project was a tough challenge having to support the site by air and by barge.

All employees were required to FIFO to the site on rotating roster and supply of parts inventory had to be managed on bi monthly supply barges or freighted in by air. HBS is an experienced partner with having pioneered hundreds of kilometres of pioneering tracks throughout Papua New Guinea and is proud to have supported PanAust with this exciting project at Frieda River.

Frieda River, East Sepik
PGK 13m
Pan Aust
January 2016 – June 2017

Frieda River Early Access Track

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