Mining Services


HBS Construct’s Mining Services Division is a well- established player in the PNG mining sector. We have had many year’s experience working throughout the country and respond quickly to the demanding and challenging environment encountered day-to-day whilst working in the country’s remote mining locations.

HBS currently operates numerous mine sites across PNG, both on the mainland and remote island locations. We own and operate one of the largest and best maintained mining fleets in PNG, offering the mining sector a variety of services including road construction and maintenance, haulage, lighting and crushing services and plant equipment hire.

Our extensive plant fleet includes the latest civil machinery. We uphold the highest standards of maintenance so that availability and productivity remain high ensuring our clients targets remain on track.

The Mining Services team are professional and the most experienced in country. They work closely with our clients ensuring the most practical and economic solutions are proposed and implemented. We enjoy working closely with our clients each step of the way and take our support seriously as we are often a critical link to servicing the successful operations of the mines in which we work.

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